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Exclusive Investment Opportunity

Exclusive opportunity to invest in Villa Paraiso Beachfront Retreats.

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Villa Wiona

Villa Paraiso

Beachfront Retreats

The dream vacation.

Wake up to the soothing sound of waves meeting the beach. Step out of your villa to calming, unobscured ocean views. Your first few steps can take you into your private pool or directly down onto the beach just in front of the villas. Villa Paraiso offers you something truly unique in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

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The Beachfront Retreats of Villa Paraiso

Feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your face while staying in one of our luxurious beachfront retreats. With stunning views and all the amenities you could ever need, our vacation rentals are the perfect escape for a luxurious beach getaway. Experience the best of paradise.

Creating life-enriching experiences.

Bocas del Toro, Panama, is a unique island where jungle and Caribbean perfection blend effortlessly. Villa Paraiso is no exception, the property is landscaped with native plants, and animals can be spotted directly from your retreat.

Villa Paraiso


Where the Jungle meets the Ocean.


Unique & exclusive.

The villas and bungalows at Villa Paraiso are designed for leisure and a unique beach lifestyle.

Extensive private gardens with native and other tropical vegetation, a natural creek, native fruit trees, and exotic flowers surround the villas.

Where the tropical gardens stop, the beach starts. Located inside a bay, it is one of the only beaches sheltered and swimmable all year.

Our team is professional and dedicated to ensuring your experience at Villa Paraiso is memorable. 


This makes us a unique and exclusive find.

Villa Paraiso Lifestyle

Enjoy the island's wild side.

Marine and jungle wildlife make you not want to miss the opportunity to dive into Bocas' colorful reefs and explore its rainforests.
Birdwatching lovers will not want to miss the beauty and diversity of birds on the islands.
The extensive landscaped gardens around the property give the feeling of being surrounded by nature while the island invites you to walk or go on a bike ride with friends to nearby beaches and explore places rarely visited.
Activities at the beach, such as surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, or just a dip in the sea, encourage you to spend your days well.


More to experience in the area.

The property is a jewel, but it also sits on one. The island of Bocas del Toro is full of places to visit, and if you are feeling more adventurous, the archipelago offers almost endless breathtaking locations you can explore.

Cacao in bocas

Chocolate tour

Experience Bocas chocolate tours, revealing the secrets behind its production. Sample some of the world's finest chocolates, and gain insight into the unique flavors and aromas of the world's favorite treat.

howler monkey

Wildlife adventures

The jungle wildlife of Bocas is home to some of the most elusive and mysterious creatures on Earth. Enjoy discovering its raw wild side.

Discover beaches

The beaches of the Bocas archipelago offer an unforgettable experience with stunning sunsets, crystal clear waters, and white sandy beaches. Let your cares drift away and relax in paradise.

Exploring the beaches

Fine dining

Take your taste buds on a journey of discovery as you sample some of the most creative and delicious dishes that the world has to offer.

Fish Dish

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